Dynamic is a popular massage chair brand available in Canada. They manufacture a number of full body massage chairs to meet every need. The chairs are built using modern body sensing technology to give the perfect massages. Below, we’ve discussed some of the best Dynamic massage chairs that you can buy.

Manhattan: the Manhattan massage chair is built with some amazing features such as 3D and scan which it uses to detect the upper body of the user. It offers a myriad of massage techniques including Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, stroking and tapping. It’s fitted with 4 rollers for back massage. The rolling is done from the neck area all the way to the lower back. The chair also offers arm, hand, feet and calf massages. It has up to 60 air bags that it uses to massage your pelvic, side of thighs, feet, legs and back. It also has a carbon heating feature for the feet and calves.

Santa Monica: the Santa Monica massage chair is also one of the best Dynamic massage chairs you will come across. It features 27 programmable air bags that are used on the legs thighs, pelvic, back and feet. It also has 4 rollers for back massage, 6 auto functions and 3 manual functions. This chair has a total number of 4 motors, i.e. tapping motor, travelling motor, kneading motor and one that adjusts the backrest and leg-rest.

The chairs are available in synthetic leather and an array of colours including ivory, black, espresso and dark gray.