Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is usually a non-invasive form of therapy. It is passive yet still offers you plenty of massage benefits. The heat produced helps to relieve pain and promote relaxation and can therefore be effective in treating chronic back pain, stiff neck and other areas of the body where there is muscle pain. When we exert too much pressure on the lower back, muscles around that area become tense. What heat therapy does is penetrate muscles in order to relax them, removing pain and reducing spasm. It also travels to your body tissues to improve the circulation of blood. When there’s proper flow of blood, there is good supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It also helps to get rid of toxins.

Heat therapy is something that you can get from a massage chair. Some chairs are built with a heat therapy function so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this type of massage. The heat is focused on the lower back, seat area and the calves. It gets rid of tiredness and pain that could result from sitting down for many hours or from poor sitting positions. By heating the calves, it causes your muscles to relax which results in easier or better movement. Some heat therapy massage chairs have some quality features that let you customize your massage for the best experience. With various intensity levels, you can choose the action that suits your needs. These chairs therefore play a big part in the healing of sore muscles and comfort.

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