Massage chairs are a good way to go if you are looking for a solution to tiredness, pain and strain, and are much cheaper than getting your massage at the spa. They offer you numerous benefits of massage and a good thing about them is you can access them whenever you want. Massage chairs usually incorporate modern technology with reliable massage techniques to give you quality massages on the same level as massages offered at a therapist’s. Some are designed with unique features such as heat therapy which is essential in relaxing tense muscles and reducing pain. Others incorporate other forms of therapy and healing practices to give you the best results that you may be looking for in a massage chair.

Most massage chair lines now take into consideration overweight people. They are not completely there yet but the highest weight capacity of modern day massage chairs in 350lbs. This therefore caters to the needs of people whose weight lies within that particular range. In this regard, there are several massage chairs that can support users weighing between 250 and 350 lbs. We have featured some of the best massage chairs for overweight people in the market today.

One such chair is the Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chair designed by Luraco Technologies. It has a weight capacity of 280 pounds. The chair has up to 9 preset automatic massage functions and many other manual functions. This means that you can experience as many massage actions as you like. Built with advanced noise reduction technology, the chair is one of the quietest ones you will come across. You get to enjoy full body massages and heat therapy in areas such as the seat, feet and back. The heat has 5 intensity levels and this lets you select how deep you want the massage. In addition to full body massage, you will enjoy thorough neck and back massages that will help relax you and improve the flow of energy and blood throughout the body.

Panasonic EP MA 73 is another chair that could be useful to overweight people. It has a weight capacity of 265 lbs but is wide enough to accommodate big people. It has a heavy-duty frame that provides maximum support to the user. The chair is preprogrammed with 5 different massage techniques, among them Swedish and Shiatsu. This lets you pick a massage that works for you. You can also combine two or three of these techniques for a comprehensive massage.

The Infinity IT-9800 is also an excellent choice with perhaps the largest weight capacity at 350 lbs. It has a wider frame and spacious seat than most other chairs to accommodate different people. It features body scan technology which helps read your height and position when you sit on it. This helps it customize a massage that’s right for you. It’s a full body massage chair with various massage functions such as seat vibration, tapping, shiatsu, Swedish, kneading and rolling movements. The chair also features a vibration massage function for the seat and arms.