Berkeley Massage Chair


Not all massage chairs are the same. You probably don’t need to be told this. But take a look at the Berkeley massage chair and you will understand what a unique massage chair it is. This chair brings to the already stiff competitive market the newest technology of relaxation. It is a chair which allows you to indulge in sublime bliss of peace and tranquility. While this chair offers partial body massages, it is one of the very few massage chairs which allows you to do other things while still enjoying a massage. It is able to deliver all this while still enhancing your body’s health and longevity. Among the parts of the body which receive full attention of this chair include the neck, back, thighs, pelvic area, and shoulders.

The Berkeley massage chair offers you standard and strong massage levels. It comes with a total of 16 airbags and an integrated system that enables it to map out every contour in your body to deliver intense massage sessions. The chair’s weight is around 68lbs and it can handle weights of up to around 275 pounds. If you are going for a holiday or if you are moving, there is no friendlier massage chair. This chair can fold for easy portability. The upholstery material used on the chair is cotton. Its frame is made of metal. This makes it particularly strong and durable. The Berkeley massage chair is affordable and will give you and your family healthy lives which will be free of stress and back pains.

Available in amazing colours like: black, brown, yellow, red, pink, and green.

Free shipping in Canada.

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3 year limited warranty