Cozzia EC366 Massage Chair


Cozzia EC-366 Shiatsu Massage Chair is a powerful chair that you can use as often as possible to keep your body rejuvenated. It’s manufactured using the latest technology so that you can benefit from using the chair just as much as you would by visiting the therapist. You get to enjoy the power of Shiatsu that’s administered by this chair. It takes the discomfort off all the pressure points in your body to leave your muscles relaxed. Other massage actions that you are bound to enjoy include Swedish, kneading, rolling, clapping tapping and vibration, as well as a combination of two or more of these actions.

The chair is designed with body scanning technology which can either be manual or automatic. Such technology will help the chair determine what your body’s needs are and create a massage plan that will work for you. It has 6 pre-programmed massage sessions whose strength, speed and intensity can be customized. The chair has adjustable rollers and lets you choose partial massages or full body massages. You can enjoy partial massages to the lower back, upper back and middle back. You can also make use of the LED remote to select all the massage actions you want or customize a plan that you feel will work better for you.

The EC-366 Shiatsu massage chair is one of the many chairs that you can depend on to ease your mind of stress and get your body functioning in a good capacity as it improves its metabolism rate and increases mobility.

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30 air bags
Zero gravity position
Heat therapy
Auto body scanning
LCD display
Adjustable footrest