HoMedics MCS-775H Massage Cushion


The HoMedics MCS-775H massage cushion is designed to give you a comprehensive massage. It has a heat feature that provides a soothing massage, removing pain and relaxing sore muscles to enhance your experience. It also delivers air massage to your lumbar area and sides. The air massage works by compressing and squeezing the mentioned areas to give you relief from tense muscles. You can adjust the intensity of the air massage to low, medium or high to match your desired pressure. Besides the heat and air massage, the cushion features shiatsu nodes that move up and down your back performing deep kneading massage action. This action gives relief to tired muscles thereby enabling you to move around reenergized.

The cushion offers you 3 massage zones. These are lower back, upper back and full back. You can therefore opt to target a specific area or enjoy a full massage experience. It has a programmable hand control that’s designed to your convenience. It’s also designed with an integrated strapping system so it fits most chairs easily. This cushion will help you start your day refreshed and able to move around with ease. You can use it any time you need that rub-down on your back, in the morning, during the day or at night after a long day at work. It’ll help you sleep better because your muscles won’t feel tired or sore anymore. The cushion is meant to help you enjoy the benefits of massage wherever you are without spending too much money.

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