HoMedics QRM 400H Massage Cushion


The HoMedics QRM 400H massage cushion is designed to give you a good massage experience at a low price as it does not cost as much as a massage chair. Through breakthrough technology, HoMedics produces massage cushions that you can depend on to give you high quality massages that will leave you invigorated. The cushion is manufactured with expertise so that it can fit almost all chairs seamlessly. It comes preinstalled with 6 automatic programs that you can select to enjoy thorough back massages. You can choose full back massages, upper back massages or lower back massages depending on what your needs are. The cushion carries out massage actions such as shiatsu and rolling. These techniques give you gentle, soothing and intense massages to help your back revitalize thus help you feel better. It is fitted with independent rollers that move up and down your back, hitting all pressure points to ease you of tight knots, soreness and pain.

In addition to the automatic programs, you can customize massages to meet your needs. This will enable you to target specific areas in your back that have been problematic to you. The cushion has easy to use buttons that you can use for instance to adjust the width of the rollers to your desirable position. It’s a massage cushion with heat technology, a feature that lets you choose whether to apply heat therapy on your back or not. It’s also designed for 30-second instant heating which is necessary in alleviating pain.

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