HoMedics SBM 200H Massage Cushion


The HoMedics SBM 200H massage cushion is designed to give soothing Shiatsu massages to the back. You can enjoy full, upper and lower back massages. The full back massage focuses on the entire back while the upper back massage concentrates on the upper to mid sections of your back. The lower back massage feature on the other hand massages mid to lower back muscles. It’s built to attach easily to chairs and seats, and has a removable cover that makes an extra comfortable cushioned layer. It has a programmable hand control with which you can customize a massage. The cushion gives up and down movement massages through the kneading action so that you can experience deep massages that also alleviate pain and soreness in your back.

You can choose specific areas that you want massaged by selecting zone buttons on the programmable touch pad control. The cushion is designed with an automatic 15-minute shut off feature. This means you can enjoy your massage without interruption or worrying that you didn’t activate the timer. It has an integrated strapping system that allows it to fit well into ordinary chairs or seats. The heat therapy provided by the cushion is meant to do away tension, and fatigue. The deep kneading action mimics the hands of a massage therapist to remove even the tightest of knots. So, if you are worried about getting rid of bad backaches or pain, the cushion will help you achieve your desired results with its advanced shiatsu massage mechanisms.

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