HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Cushion


The HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Massage Cushion is built to give you full back, neck and shoulder massages. The neck and shoulder massage adjusts to your height. The cushion is programmed with 3 massage zones which are lower back, upper back and entire back. It also offers 3 massage mechanisms –Shiatsu, kneading and spot massage. It has an optional heat function which you can use to gain relief from sore or tired muscles. It comes with a programmed controller which lets you choose areas where you want to focus the massage.

With a massage cushion, you can benefit from the goodness of a massage and it saves you many trips to the spa every now and then. You get to choose how frequent you can use it for massages. It comes in handy when you need regular or instant relief from notorious backaches. The cushions work by applying pressure on trigger / pressure points within your back. This increases circulation i.e. flow of energy and blood to and from the spine thereby reducing severe pain. It’s convenient to own a massage cushion because of its affordability and portability. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry around which means you can take it with you to work and come back home with it at the end of the day. A cushion is also very flexible which makes it easy to use with chairs and car seats. Continual use of this product can bring you lots of benefits associated with massage. It’s a good alternative to spa visits.

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