iComfort ic1022 Massage Chair


When you go shopping for a massage chair be sure to pick the right chair which offers the best features and benefits. The iComfort IC1022 massage chair is certainly a chair which will transform your life. It is a chair that will make your evenings relaxed and full of fun. The manufacturer of this chair has embraced new technology, style and quality workmanship to give you the best that the industry can afford. This chair is guaranteed to make you feel as though you are in a very professional and bespoke massage parlour. Among the outstanding features included in the chair is the zero gravity function. This feature, when applied, makes the chair tilt up to 170 degrees and this means that your blood flow improves. Moreover, the 3D rollers which are strategically placed along the track are able to deliver more engrossing massages.

The iComfort ic1022 massage chair boasts of extremely high-quality and comfortable leatherette upholstery. The chair is, therefore, elegant and stylish not forgetting durable. The strong metal framework makes it possible to use the chair for many years. There are 69 air bags which when combined with the rollers ensure that you enjoy the best massage a robotic chair can give. There are several manual massage modes which come with three different width options and three manipulations. The LED control panel enables you to navigate the different massage programs and options and determine the intensity of your massages. The manufacturer has backed this massage chair with a one year warranty against faulty parts and poor workmanship.

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