iComfort ic1114 Massage Chair


You deserve the best that life can offer. This is why there is the iComfort faux leather reclining massage chair which also comes with an ottoman. This chair is designed and made to make you feel as though you are in a therapist’s parlour. The design, the upholstery and framework of this chair are superior hence making it effective and endearing. The leatherette further makes the chair elegant and comfortable. The manufacturer has incorporated 12 different massage techniques. The full techniques are Kneading, Taping, and Rolling. Because you are likely to be tired in the legs and lower back, the manufacturer of the chair has added a sophisticated leg and seat air compression feature. There are enough airbags and rollers to ensure that you get an enchanting massage every time you need one.

For that ultimate head massage that will leave you totally relaxed and happy, the iComfort faux leather massage chair is guaranteed to give you that. The chair boasts of the zero gravity feature which makes it possible for you to enjoy deep invigorating massages. The chair can recline to 170 degrees hence making your lower body rise above the heart. This then means that blood flow improves and you can then enjoy the many other therapeutic benefits that come along. It is easy to navigate the different settings and programs of the chair with the user-friendly control panel. The chair also has a body scan feature and fully retractable backrest and footrest. It can support body weight of up to 265lbs.

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Model: iComfort ic1114
Massage types: Finger pressure massaging, kneading, knocking, tapping
Air compression massage
LCD display