iComfort ic1115 Massage Chair


The iComfort IC1115 therapeutic massage chair is one of the very best massage chairs in the market today. It is a chair designed using futuristic technology and innovativeness. This chair which boasts of the zero gravity feature can recline to 170 degrees. This then means that you can sit on the chair and have it recline your body to a point where the legs are more elevated than your heart. This brings about better blood flow and a plethora of other therapeutic benefits like serenity and total relaxation.

The IC1115 massage chair gives a total of 5 different therapies which help to alleviate tension and stress. Among the massage techniques which this chair will afford you include Kneading, Tapping, Rolling and Shiatsu. Whether you are suffering from back pains or numb legs, this is the chair which will deliver absolute relaxation and joy to you.

The materials used to make this massage chair are leatherette for upholstery, polyurethane for bodywork and strong metal for the framework. While the styling of the chair is incredible, you can’t overlook the longevity of service which it gives. This is the chair to pick if you want every family member to enjoy a massage. A body scan feature is included in the chair which maps the body of every person who is on the chair and readjusts the massage settings according to that person’s weight and size. The 11 airbags and the highly effective rollers help at ensuring that you get the best massage that a robotic chair can offer.

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11 airbags
LCD remote control