iComfort ic5500 Massage Chair


There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in a massage chair after a long hard day’s work. The iComfort iC5500 massage chair with a footrest is sure to give you all the comfort and relaxation that you can dream of. This chair which boasts of the zero gravity feature is designed to give you the floatation feeling which astronauts experience when they are in space. The reclining feature is important because your body enjoys better blood flow. At the same time, the rollers which are placed alongside the track are able to deliver deep massages. The manufacturer has incorporated 4 lifestyle automatic massage modes as well as 5 manual modes. These massage modes include Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Reverse kneading, and Vibration.

The material used on the upholstery is high quality polyurethane. The framework of the chair is made using strong metal. The lifespan of this chair is, therefore, very long. You can share the iComfort massage chair with other people. The chair has a body scan feature which maps out your body every time you sit on it. This makes the chair able to deliver highly personalized massages. If you live in a small house, you needn’t worry that the chair won’t fit in because it takes reasonably small space. The control panel of this chair is easy to use because it’s large and interesting. There is an auxiliary port which allows you to play your favourite relaxation music. This port also allows you to charge your devices. The chair is backed with a 1 year warranty.

Available in beige and black colours.
Free shipping in Canada.

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Model: iComfort ic5500
4 automatic massage modes
5 manual massage modes: kneading, reverse kneading, knocking, taping and vibration
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