INADA DreamWave Massage Chair


The Inada Dreamwave massage chair uses the Shiatsu massage technique to administer a massage that will promote natural healing, wellness and ultimate relaxation. It has 16 pre-programmed massage sessions and hundreds of massage combinations. The chair comes with a hand held remote that you can use to select the massages or combinations that will work for you. The DreamWave is also built with a patented body scan technology that helps locate all Shiatsu points in your body then customizes a massage that is appropriate for you.

You get to enjoy full body massage with this chair, even on the upper body i.e. the arms, shoulders, neck and hands. The DreamWave technology uses a figure 8 motion that keeps the body balanced and offers total relaxation. The chair performs an inward motion and outward release for the hips and thighs to remove fatigue and soreness of muscles. It uses air cells to perform foot, calf and sole massage. It also has infrared lumbar and seat heating functions that add to your comfort. It offers slow methodical movements that are intended for a thorough massage.

The Inada DreamWave massage chair also has a youth session where children can get to enjoy massages that are gentle and tailored for them. It covers over 1200 square inches of the body thereby covering more areas. By getting a full body massage, you do away with stiff and sore muscles or joints and this gives your body relief from the pain caused by the stiffness and soreness.

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