Infinity IT-8500-CB Massage Chair


Are you in need of a massage chair which will change your life? Hard as it is to believe it, the Infinity IT-8500-CB massage chair will transform your life the instant you set it up in your home. This chair comes with the zero gravity feature which helps blood in your body flow better. The zero gravity feature enables the rollers placed alongside the length of the track to deliver deep and invigorating massages. There are many therapeutic benefits that ride with this feature. Also incorporated in this chair are 3D rollers which deliver refreshing head and lumber massages. There are also air pockets which make the air compression system highly effective. Among the massage techniques that you will enjoy in this chair include Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Combination.

Because this chair is meant to be used for quite some years, the manufacturer has used quality materials. The framework of the chair is strong metal while the upholstery is a combination of faux leather and linen. Even if you live in a relatively small apartment, this chair will serve you just perfectly. It does not require a lot of space while it is reclining. The chair’s weight is 290lbs while it can handle persons of 265 pounds. For total relaxation and enjoyment, the manufacturer has included an inbuilt music player which is MP3 compatible. The other additional features in this chair include calf and foot massage, vibration feature, and adjustable speeds and intensity. The manufacturer has backed the chair with a solid 3 year limited warranty.

Available in black, brown and taupe colours.
Free shipping in Canada.

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