Kahuna LM-7800 Massage Chair


The LM 7800 massage chair is the very first high end L-track chair by Kahuna. It’s a shiatsu style of massage chair that’s equipped with 4 auto programs to get you started with the massage process. You will enjoy deep tissue massage therapy through techniques such as kneading, tapping, combination of kneading and aping, rolling and shiatsu. The chair has an L-track system that’s 42 inches long. When you are seated in the L position, your spine is able to decompress so you can begin to enjoy the effects of the massage.

The chair gives five different portions of targeted body massage i.e. the neck, mid back, lower back, waist and buttock. You can enjoy your massage up to a maximum of 30 minutes. The LM 7800 does not require much space because of its unique space saving feature. It’s built to slide as it reclines so that it doesn’t take up too much room where there’s not enough space. Regular massage chairs usually require more than 15 inches from the wall so that when they recline, the wall doesn’t interfere with the desired zero gravity position. This is not the case with the Kahuna LM 7800.

The chair also has very exciting and beneficial features such as the automatic body scan. The moment you sit on it, it automatically detects the features of your body and locates all the pressure points then instantly customizes a massage plan for you. Another feature is built in speakers that you let you enjoy your music as you get your massage.

Available in black and ivory colours.
Free shipping in Canada.

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