Kahuna LM6800


Kahuna LM6800 massage chair by Kahuna is well-designed and built to give the user instant benefits of a massage. It uses a number of technologies and techniques to perform quality massages on the user. One such technique is the SH-Chiro therapy which is an effective way of unblocking nerve energy so it can flow better from your spine to the entire body. Another technique offered is Yoga and Stretching. Here, the chair moves your legs and upper body as though you were stretching them, and the technique is necessary in removing toxins from the body and giving you stress relief.

The LM6800 massage chair is designed with air bags for massaging areas of the body such as shoulders, arms, legs, feet and calves. The calves, alongside the lower back, also get to enjoy heating therapy. The chair lets you enjoy 2 zero gravity positions whereby in the second position, the chair is more reclined. This position spreads one’s weight across the chair so that you can experience a deeper and intense massage.

The chair also features automatic body scan technology that it can capture the curvature of your body and other necessary information for a customized massage experience. The feet of the chair are fitted with 4 rollers and 2 other assist rollers that help massage your feet, relieving you of tiredness, soreness and stress. You can adjust the length of the foot massager to your liking. The remote control is labelled clearly so that you can use it with ease.

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