Kahuna LM7000 Brown/White


The Kahuna LM7000 recliner massage chair is one of the best and affordable products by Kahuna. It’s a full body chair designed to use the L-track massaging system, and has 3 levels of zero gravity. It’s also built with dual foot roller massagers to ensure that your feet don’t get left out whenever you enjoy a massage. The L-track design ensures that your mid to upper body is fully supported as you receive your massage. It has rollers that massage this area from the neck down to the buttocks. The rollers have been designed in newer versions and technologies to provide smoother and softer massages. This position helps your spine to decompress such that you can feel the goodness of the massage.

Kahuna LM7000 is designed with automatic programs that focus on shiatsu so that the user can benefit from the effects of the massage technique. You will experience other massage actions such as kneading, tapping, rolling, and a combination of tapping and kneading. This chair can give the best performance for 30 minutes so if you are longing for a longer enjoyable massage after a hard day at work, you will certainly have that. You can also experience massages for 5 minutes as the chair has a provision for such.

The chair is designed to use sliding reclining technology such that you can place it only 6 inches away from the wall. It’s therefore a space saver. Its air bag pressure, roller width and speed intensities are controllable up to 3 levels.

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