Kahuna SL-Track Spirit Massage Chair


Kahuna SL-Track Spirit massage chair combines advanced technologies with dependable features to give you good quality massages. It offers you two types of stretch programs. One is the signature yoga stretching feature in most Kahuna chairs. The other is the new active refreshing yoga program which is the mode you select when you want to experience dynamic stretching. The seat is designed to vibrate when in use so that it can boost blood circulation in the buttocks area. It has more impact to people who sit long hours at work as it is soothing hence refreshing.

Kahuna Spirit massage chair gives heating therapy that provides warmth for the body and also improves the flow of energy, nutrients and oxygen throughout the entire body. The heating system has been specially developed to cover a larger surface area including the back, arms and legs. You can enjoy up to 30 minutes massage time, choosing 5 minute intervals for all the massaging actions you would like to experience. The chair is designed to adjust to 3 different zero gravity positions. As the user, you can choose a position that you want to lie in as you get your massage. The zero gravity positions help you to completely let go of your body as your body’s weight is supported by the chair. This way, you begin to experience a thorough intense massage that takes away all the pain, stiffness, strain and stress off your back, legs, feet, arms, thighs and other areas of your body.

Available in black, beige and brown colours.

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Comes with 3 yrs full warranty.