Osaki OS-1000 Brown Massage Chair


Massage chairs are now very popular both for domestic and commercial uses. Osaki has introduced the brown OS-1000 massage chair which is designed using the latest technology and the best innovative ideas. This chair has been able to deliver not only quality but style and total effectiveness that any massage chair can. While the chair is popular as far as practicality is concerned, it has also etched a name for itself as far as reasonable pricing goes. This chair has a zero gravity feature which makes it ideal if you are looking for therapeutic benefits. Moreover, this chair is armed with highly effective 3D four-way rollers which deliver intensive deep tissue massages. When the rollers are combined with the many airbags distributed across the chair, you are guaranteed to get strong muscle twitching massages as well as blissful mild massages.

The manufacturer of this chair has invested in the best technology for this chair. Included in this chair are all the popular massage techniques such as Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling. In addition to this, the chair boasts of having five preset programs. Body scanning is the other effective feature that you get to enjoy in this chair. When you sit on this chair, your body is quickly scanned to enable the chair to customize the massage which you get. The control panel is easy to use and you will be able to pick any of your favourite programs or massage techniques while seated. The manufacturer has backed the chair with a warranty.

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