Osim uGalaxy Eye Massager


The Osim uGalaxy eye massager uses scientifically proven mood light to remove eye bags and fatigue. The mood light works by regulating the body’s inner rhythms. This stimulates the brain to create a state of relaxation and balance. It features airbags which are placed in strategic acupressure points around the eyes and temple. The airbags apply acupressure massage to get rid of eye bags, headaches, dark rings, fatigue and insomnia thus leave you feeling refreshed. Other features of the massager include warmth and vibration massage. The warmth provided by the massager is soothing to the eyes and helps to relax the eyes from strain. Vibration on the other hand helps in circulation and provides instant relief from tension.

The uGalaxy has built-in audio speakers with 3 music pieces to help you enjoy relaxing music as you receive your massage. The music helps with your mental relaxation as it reduces stress and uplifts your mood. It is an ergonomically designed eye massager that features a bendable eye frame and adjustable strap. These features help you find comfort and relief.

Every day, we spend so much time meeting our obligations whether that’s reading, behind a desk at work or driving. All these activities require our full attention and concentration. In the process, we end up straining our eyes which causes fatigue. By getting a good eye massager, you are saying goodbye to strain, tiredness, pain and fatigue. It is an excellent choice of pain reliever that restores energy and strengthens your eyes.

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