OSIM uJolly Full Back Massager

The OSIM uJolly full back massager incorporates a variety of massage techniques and advanced technologies to deliver powerful massages. Its ergonomic design features 3D massage nodes that carry out a vigorous deep tissue massage that loosens tight painful muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. One outstanding feature of the uJolly massager is the V-Grip Technology which follows the contours of your body, massaging your shoulders and lumbar. It has the shoulder grip which simulates a human hand-grip and works along the shoulder contour, focusing on pressure points to ease you off muscle knots and stiff neck. This feature also has the Lumbar Press which gives a deep massage to the lower back and along the lumbar to get rid of soreness, pressure and stiffness.

Another feature of the massager is the soothing warmth which penetrates stiff muscles in your back loosening them and preparing you for a more intense massage. It gives you lots of other benefits including better circulation and supply of oxygen and nutrients across the body, soothing comfort that prepares you for deep relaxation and hasten healing and recovery.
The massager offers you 4 specialized massage programs which are Neck & Shoulders, Energize, Lumbar and Relax. You get to choose which ones you want to experience which makes the massages customizable. It has a headrest pillow which gives you added support for your head and neck whenever you are using the massager. It’s designed to easily fit onto chairs, beds, sofas and loungers and this makes it flexible.