OSIM uPhoria Warm Foot Massager


The Osim uPhoria Warm foot massager is built to massage your legs to relieve you of pressure, tiredness and soreness. It has five preprogrammed massages all which play a major part in your relaxation. These massages include Tui Na which entails firm strokes and kneading action that stimulates all pressure points along the legs. The strokes promote your well-being and health whereas the kneading action releases tension in your calves. Wrap-around squeeze massage is the second type of massage offered by this foot massager. It involves squeezing and kneading of muscles to get rid of pain and strain. This gives you sudden relief from exhaustion and increases your mobility.

Roller reflexology massage is another type of massage that you will enjoy when using the uPhoria warm foot massager. The rollers are designed to stimulate the arches of your feet and activate important reflex points to boost your well-being. Vibration massage is the fourth type that you will experience. It vibrates your muscles to get rid of built-up tension and causes circulation which the body needs to eliminate toxins. The last massage program provided by the massager is the Warmth therapy which helps to dilate constricted veins so as to enhance circulation of blood to all parts of the legs. The warmth is also necessary in soothing painful and tense muscles. When choosing a foot massager, you should look out for features that will be beneficial to you. After a long tiresome day at work, you need a massager that will relax and reenergize your legs.

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