Palo Alto Massage Chair


Searching for that massage chair that will deliver the best massage experience can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know what to look for. The Palo Alto edition leather massage chair is designed using futuristic technology and you will enjoy every moment you are in it. This chair is simple in looks but highly effective at what it does. It delivers 4-way massages which start at the neck, the upper back, the lower back and finally the thighs. It is the ultimate solution you need in your life if you have a hectic working life. The chair will make all the back pains vanish and leave you with a sigh of excitement and relaxation. You don’t necessary have to adjust how long you want to spend in the chair, it is pre-programmed to deliver 15-minute massage sessions.

Many of the massage chairs in the market today only come with auto programs. However, for the Palo Alto edition leather massage chair, there are 2 auto programs and 4 manual ones. You can, therefore, adjust the massage settings exactly the way you want. The manufacturer has included Shiatsu, Tapping, and Kneading massages options. This chair can handle body weights of up to 250 pounds and every massage can be customized. The leather upholstery works very well in this chair especially if you prefer heated massages. The leather material makes the chair look chic and elegant but it also makes it durable, just as the metal frame which holds the chair.

Available in black, espresso, ivory, red, and yellow colours.
Free shipping in Canada.

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