Kahuna LM7000 Black


The Kahuna LM7000 massage chair with heating therapy is a good option to consider when looking into massage chairs that you can use at home. It’s a zero gravity full body type of massage chair that’s designed with important features to make it perform optimally. With it, you get to enjoy 4 automatic full body massage actions such as yoga stretching, refreshing mode, Kyro and Anti Stress mode. It has the new L-track long massage feature and this translates to better or thorough massage from your neck down to the buttocks.

As the user, you can choose how thorough you want the massage to be. You can choose the width of the rollers that you feel will be appropriate for quality massages. You can also change or alter the speed and intensity of the air bag massage for a comfortable experience. With this chair, the user gets to enjoy targeted fixed spot massage, timed massage or quick full body massage depending on what they need at the time. It has airbag massages for areas such as the arms, shoulders and calf. The movements caused by the inflation and deflation of the airbags causes pain relief, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Other notable features include 3 zero gravity positions, adjustable massage time, body scan technology, lower back and calf heating therapy, built in premium speakers and an auto yoga stretching program. The yoga program stretches your body in movements that help you stretch tired muscles, and improves the flow of nutrients throughout the body.

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