iComfort is a favourite choice for many buyers looking for technology advanced massage chairs. The brand iComfort offers you several quality chairs with amazing features. Some of the best iComfort chairs that you should consider buying include:

The iComfort IC1135 which is designed in a contemporary style, it’s main material being high quality leatherette. This chair’s massage areas include the shoulders, forearms, hands, feet, under feet and the seat. It comes with a variety of built-in massage modes including Shiatsu, tapping, pummel, kneading, airbag compression and back stretch. It is fitted with LCD display which shows timers, different action modes and massage functions, speed of the massage and its intensity, massage hands width and the positions.

The iComfort IC5500: this is another outstanding chair with incredible features. It’s made of high quality polyurethane, and is available in black, beige and red colors. The chair’s massage areas include the head, waist, legs, feet, under feet and arms. It offers an array of manual massage techniques such as kneading, knocking, vibration, reverse kneading and tapping. It has 39 air bags, 2 automatic massage modes, built-in auxiliary player amplifier with Bluetooth, and offers 4 head rotating massages. It also has separate incline and recline controls and can recline up to 170 degrees.

The iComfort IC1150 massage chair has at least 5 speed adjustments and its main massage areas are the head, arms shoulders, feet and under feet. if you need a short massage, it has a button for that.