When buying massage chairs, you need to ensure that you get them from established and respectable brands. Infinity offers a range of well-designed massage chairs which feature advanced technology so that you get to enjoy long massage strokes. We have listed some of the best Infinity massage chairs that you could look into should you decide to purchase one.

Infinity Imperial: this chair gives you the experience of a high-end spa and is designed using cutting-edge technology. It has some amazing features which include chromotherapy, air ionizer, USB charger for your devices, 2 zero gravity positions, calf-kneading massage technology, and inter-sound technology. With its new calf-kneading massage, the leg units contain rollers that help sooth tired and sore calves.

Infinity Riage: this chair offers massage techniques such as Knocking, Shiatsu, rubbing, kneading, tapping and a combination. Some of its features include reflexology, longest stroke of 49”, Spinal Correction & Waist Twist, Bluetooth technology, lumber heat and rolling massagers on soles of feet. It also features airbag pressure massage technology for areas like the shoulders, lower waist, legs and feet, lumbar, buttock and arms / wrists.

Infinity™ IT-9800: this chair is a combination of traditional therapeutic techniques and latest technology. There are lots of features to look forward to. Some include vibration massage for seat and arms, calf massage function, ultra padded headrest, combination rocking motion and yoga function and optical scanning technology which is necessary in creating a custom massage. It also has up to 8 therapeutic recline technologies which include zero gravity, bed position and back recliner.