Omega is one of the most popular brands that offers massage chairs which will enable you to relax, refresh and enjoy unmatched comfort. There are several chairs that make the list of the best massage chairs by Omega. Some of them include:

The Omega Montage Pro which is a zero gravity massage chair. It gives a full body massage thereby eliminating all soreness in different parts of your body. The chair features five automatic programs which make use of Japanese, Thai and Chinese massage practices to give your body relief. These programs include relaxation, vitality and activation. It also offers hip vibration which I helpful in stimulating the thighs and buttocks. You get to enjoy reflexology and up to five back massages. The chair features 4 levels of intensity.

The Omega Montage Premier offers 5 auto massage modes and 4 manual modes which include kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination of kneading and tapping. It offers 7 manual courses for upper, lower and middle back, neck and shoulders. It also has air massage functions for the calves, arms, buttocks, thighs, feet and hands. It’s built with 4 air massage intensity levels and offers a stroke length of up to 30 inches. It reclines between 115 and 175 degrees.

The Omega Montage Elite is another massage chair that combines quality design and therapeutic massage techniques to give you the best experience. It features an infrared body scanner, 4 back massage courses, 5 automatic pre-programmed massages and a footrest that can adjust up to 90 degrees.