Cozzia is a reputable massage chair brand that brings you products that feature modern / cutting edge technology. When using the chairs, you are able to make fine-tune adjustments so that you can get the best service possible. There are various massage chairs by Cozzia that you will come across. Below are some of the best that you can buy.

The Cozzia CZ-328 is one of the unique massage chairs that give a thorough massage to your buttocks if you lie in a flat position. If you are seated in an upright position, you will receive a massage to the back and neck. It features 2D massage technology to help you relax fully. The rollers in the chair travel left and right as well as up and down your back to give you the best experience. The chair comes with a remote that you can use to select the massage functions you need. Its air massage technology features 26 airbags and 5 air intensity levels. Other technologies featured include precise body scanning, lumbar heating and adjustable massage speed.

Cozzia 6027: this massage chair is built to let you sit in a zero gravity position. Such a position is necessary in relieving stress or compression off the spine. It also increases the flow of blood. The chair features advanced 3D massage that gives you a deeper, personalized massage. It also has 6 different massage techniques, air massage to the seat, thigh, shoulder, arm and feet, wide touch-screen control and many other technologies.