Osaki 3D-Pro Dreamer Massage Chair


Massage is an art that has been enjoyed by the human race for centuries. With an incredible improvement in the way we apply technology in our everyday lives, massage experts have been able to give the Osaki 3D-Pro Dreamer massage chair an almost human touch when it gives a massage. It is a chair which you can’t afford to overlook especially if you love customized masseur experiences. This chair, which is brown in colour, boasts of having the zero gravity feature. The zero gravity effect is a technology which was borrowed from NASA space crafts. It allows the chair to recline hence allowing your body to be relieved of stress. When your body lies in such a floating manner, the blood flows better. In addition, the rollers which are 3D deliver highly effective deep tissue massages.

This massage chair is designed to perform above the competition. It struts ten auto massage programs which makes it one of the best in the market. The manufacturer has also included 5 intensity levels for the different massage types and 3 massage width settings. The other very advanced feature which will make you fall in love with this chair is the accupoint effect. You will also find an MP3 player connection which plays your music through the inbuilt speakers. There are also incredible chroma therapy lights. The manufacturer has used hardy framework and upholstery materials. This in turn guarantees that your massage chair will serve you for many years. Moreover, the chair is backed with a warranty against faulty parts and poor workmanship.

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