Osaki Approultrab Apex AP-Pro


Are you looking for a massage chair that is different from the rest? The Osaki Approultrab is probably the answer you are looking for. This massage chair, while beautifully designed, affords you a chance to enjoy very intrinsic and intimate massages. To start you off, this chair comes with a zero gravity feature. This means that the chair can recline to almost 180 degrees. This will make you feel weightless but at the same time makes all your weight lie on top of the long L-track of the chair. Along the track are 3D rollers which can deliver the deepest tissue massages you can think of. With the chair able to deliver deep tissue or even light relaxing massages to your body, you also get to enjoy better blood flow. This chair offers three different levels of zero gravity positions.

Many people who have bought the Osaki Approultrab massage chair say that its hip rollers are exceptionally good. If you are suffering from lower back pains or some hip discomfort, this is definitely the chair to go for. The foot rollers of this chair are also unique and very effective. The manufacturer of this chair has included heating pads designed for the back. In addition, this chair boasts of arm and foot massage features which are made effective by the strategically positioned airbags. You will have an easy time controlling the chair with the user-friendly control panel. The manufacturer has further backed the chair with a solid parts and workmanship warranty.

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