Omega SL-6 Skyline Massage Chair


There is no denying that a zero gravity reclining massage chair is the ideal equipment you need in your home especially if you are suffering from muscle aches and back pains. The SL-6 Skyline zero gravity reclining massage chair by Omega is certainly an ideal choice if you are seriously looking for that massage chair that brings to your life therapeutic benefits. The zero gravity feature on this chair enables it to recline up to 175 degrees. When the chair tilts to such degrees, the four-way rollers deliver ultimate deep tissue massage that you so deserve. The manufacturer of the chair has incorporated a total of 7 airbags. The different techniques of massages that you get to explore with this chair include lumbar Kneading which can be experienced at three different levels.

Omega’s SL-6 Skyline requires 36″ wall clearance at the back and 12″ front clearance. While this may seem to be a lot of space consumption, in actual sense, it is not. The chair compensates for its space consumption by offering you 3 different pre-programmed automatic air massages. The manufacturer has also included full body heaters with a heat therapy effect. For the ultimate enjoyment of this chair at your home, it comes with a solid wood chair back cover. The framework is made of strong metal and the upholstery from leather. The footrest is adjustable hence making the chair ideal for everyone. It can handle people of up to 250 lbs. As for the controls, the manufacturer has included an inbuilt LED remote control.

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