Luraco iRobotics 7th Gen Massage Chair


Luraco Technologies brings you the 7th generation of iRoboticsĀ® massage chair, a product that combines known technologies and massage techniques to ensure maximum health benefits to users. The chair is designed with 9 automatic preset functions and limitless manual functions. It has up to 5 personal user memory settings, a feature that lets at least everyone in your family create and enjoy personalized massages. It consists of an operating system that ensures high performance and efficiency of the chair. You can use the smart touch screen to operate the chair day and night. The easy to use remote and touch screen controller enable you to see all the buttons perfectly even at night.

The chair is one of the quietest massage chairs as it is built with noise reduction technology. This means that you get to enjoy full massages for as long as you want without getting distracted by noise. It offers back, seat and feet heat therapy with 5 levels of intensity adjustments. At the bottom of the feet are double rollers which give you a thorough massage. The chair lets the user lie in a zero gravity position as they receive their massage. This position enhances relaxation and causes an increase in circulation of blood and nutrients. The chair also features numerous airbags that ensure compression massages to shoulders, back, legs, calves, feet, seat area, waist and arms. It has a voice response system with up to 7 languages. The voice response lets you know what your chair is doing.

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3 layered foot and calf massager
Full body heat
Zero gravity technology
Real genuine leather