Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair

$4,156.99 $3,269.99

With the ever busy daily work schedule no one can blame you for wanting a relaxed peaceful evening after work. When you buy the Refresh zero gravity reclining massage chair from Ogawa, you are guaranteed to enjoy totally relaxed evenings at the comfort of your home. This massage chair which is competitively priced comes armed with quad style rollers. Because the chair has a very advanced smart curve, the rollers are able to deliver deep absorbing massages.

The manufacturer of this chair has included 6 different massage techniques including Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, and Swedish. The chair is also designed to deliver partial as well as full body massages. Even in your small apartment, this chair which only needs a 31″ allowance to the wall will fit well.

Every member of your family is assured to get fully personalized massages in this chair. However, you mustn’t be taller than 6’3″. The Refresh zero gravity reclining massage chair is sure to give you the best time of your life because it can recline to multiple positions. This allows better blood flow hence making it possible for the rollers and the 36 airbags to deliver the quality massages that your body deserves.

As for the period this chair can serve you, don’t worry because the materials used are of good quality and are sturdy. Furthermore, the manufacturer has backed the chair with a warranty against poor workmanship and materials. This massage chair is stylish in every way and is very easy to operate using the user-friendly control panel.

Available in black, bronze and cappuccino colours.
Free delivery in Canada.

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Massage types: kneading, Swedish, tapping, Shiatsu, clapping, rolling
36 air bags
Adjustable footrest