Titan Pro TP-8400


Titan Pro TP-8400 is one of the chairs that offers advanced massage technology. This technology includes outer shoulder massager and zero gravity massage which is inspired by NASA. The chair has an easy to use remote control that lets you go through the features easily. The remote will let you select with ease the massage type, speed, intensity and location. The chair has the L-track massage function that provides maximum support to your back and neck as you receive your massage. You’ll get an enhanced experience through the heating function of the chair. It has 2 heating pads located in the lower back area that help elevate your massage experience.

It has manual massage functions which include shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, punching and combination. It has many air bags that give a soothing massage to areas of the body such as calves, feet and arms. The intensity for these bags can be controlled up to 5 levels, starting from mild to strong. This chair is affordable yet offers you a better experience compared to other chairs within the same price range. This is because of features such as the foot roller massage function which performs reflexology on your feet. Immediately you sit on the chair, you can select recline function on your remote. This lets the chair recline and rise to your desired position. The chair also has leg adjustments whereby the foot part of the chair extends out so that your legs and feet can receive quality massage.

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