OS-7200HD Charcoal Massage Chair


Today, it is normal to find yourself overwhelmed by the non-ending, daily life demands. These demands dictate that you work for long hours and deny your body rest and relaxation. The Osaki OS-7200HD charcoal S-track massage chair is designed to make your body relaxed but also afford it numerous therapeutic benefits. This chair, which is designed using the latest technology while still embracing some futuristic innovative ideas, stands out from the crowd. It is the chair that combines the zero gravity with a long S-track. When you sit on this chair and recline it, your spine gets to lie directly on the track. This means then that the 3D rollers which are spread along the track get to deliver both intensive deep tissue massages as well as light ones.

This zero gravity massage chair boasts of numerous tantalizing features such as the full body scanner. This feature allows this chair to scan the body of each person who sits on it every time. After scanning your body, the chair then readjusts its settings so as to deliver a most exquisite, personalized massage. The manufacturer has included 51 airbags in this chair. Among the areas where these airbags are found include the lumbar and leg regions. The other features that makes this chair pricey and therefore more distinguished is an USB charging port. You will also find an MP3 and iPod music connection. Your experience using this chair is made even enjoyable by the inclusion of an easy to operate control panel.

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