Osaki OS-4000 Cream


When it comes time for you to buy a massage chair, look at the different features that many featured chairs offer. However, you should most certainly not skip the Osaki OS-4000 executive cream beige massage chair. This is because this chair is adorned with a plethora of features and enticing add-ons that can only make your life exciting if not thrilling. This chair is designed with the needs of the modern office and even plumbing worker needs in mind. The chair comes with a zero gravity feature which was borrowed from the NASA spacecraft designs. The chair will recline and make your body feel weightless. While this happens, there are four-way rollers which use 3D technology and which are found along the track of the chair; they deliver deep tissue massages which will leave your body completely relaxed.

The manufacture of this massage chair has incorporated a body scanning feature. When you sit on this chair, your body will be scanned and the different massage aspects of the chair will be adjusted according to your weight, height, and size. This then makes it possible for the chair to deliver a most exhilarating and personalized massage to every person who sits on it. The colour of this chair, which is cream beige, is something to take note of too. This colour makes the chair blend well with the rest of your furniture items whether it’s in an office or living room. The chair is backed with a solid warranty by the manufacturer.

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