Osaki OS-4000CS Massage Chair


The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair has been ingeniously designed. The manufacturer has embraced the latest technology and innovative ideas to come up with one of the best massage chair of the century. This chair presents you with an extensively long L-track. This allows the chair to deliver quality massages which start from the head all the way to your buttocks and thighs. It is the best deal to go for if you are looking for a high performance massage chair. The chair presents you with a zero gravity feature which ensures that you enjoy enthralling and highly therapeutic massages. The chair also features a 3-level shoulder adjustment benefit which makes it possible for people of different sizes to enjoy very extensive massages. When the zero gravity feature is employed, the four-way rollers which are placed along the track are able to deliver deep tissue or mild soothing massages. Indeed, this is the chair that will transform your living room into a masseur parlour.

You might not be having plenty of space in your home. With this chair, you needn’t worry whether it will fit because it has been built using space saving technology. The chair is made more endearing by the use of the lumbar heating feature as well as the numerous airbags spaced across it. There is an USB charging port which can come in handy when you are relaxing in the chair. The materials used to make this chair are of the best quality. Moreover, the manufacturer has backed the chair with a warranty against faulty parts and substandard workmanship.

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