Osaki Pro Series OS-3D


One of the best massage chairs in the market today is the Osaki Pro Series OS-3D massage chair. This chair affords you the most exquisite zero gravity adventure. When you sit on this chair, it reclines to a level where your legs rise above your heart. This then means that you get to enjoy a host of therapeutic benefits. The zero gravity feature, which comes in a two-stage option, helps the four-way rollers placed along the track of the chair to deliver the most intense and deep tissue massages that you can think of. Customers get to choose between four different colours when buying the chair. The 3D technology which the chair boasts of helps you to adjust the extent to which the rollers can protrude. These rollers are to be found along the backrest as well as the foot regions of the chair.

The Osaki Pro Series OS-3D massage chair stands out from the crowd because it accommodates all members of your family. Even if you are big-bodied and your spouse is small, this chair is designed to give fully customized massages to the both of you. The chair comes with 9 pre-set programs. The chair also features popular massage techniques such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Rolling, Clapping, and Tapping. For effective massages, the manufacturer of this chair has included a total of 36 airbags in different parts of the chair. Moreover, the remote control is easy to access and use. You will, therefore, have an easy time exploring the different massage techniques and methods offered by the chair while still seated.

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