Titan TI-8700 Massage Chair


The Titan TI-8700 massage chair offers the user an experience like no other. The features it has are designed to give you the best massage when you need it. Its warranty is for 3 years. It’s a zero gravity position chair that also includes a foot roller and calf massages. The foot roller system has 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers which give your feet a thorough yet soothing massage through the kneading technique. The zero gravity position lets you lay in a comfortable position and also aligns the spine in the correct position so that as it is getting massaged, all the tension is taken away so you can feel more relaxed and able to move around easily.

The Titan TI-8700 important features include the hip and seat vibration. It has air bags located along the outer hip area. These bags compress inwards such that they can squeeze the thighs to relieve you of tension. In the seat, there’s a vibration plate that gives a vibration massage to the back side of the thighs. The outer shoulder also benefits through kneading and squeezing techniques that are caused by airbags located to the right and left parts of the chair, just where the shoulder fits. There is a total of 16 air bags in the calf and feet area. When they inflate, they hit important muscles then deflate to create squeezing type of massage action. You can control how deep the massage is by use of a remote control.

Available in cream, black and brown colours.

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3 year warranty
2 staged zero gravity massage
Foot roller massage
Calf massage
Outer shoulder massage
Lower lumbar heat therapy
Hip and seat vibration