Homedics MCS-210H Massage Cushion


Homedics Mcs-210h Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat gives the user a kneading massage action to their back. The heat is optional and is useful in creating a soothing feeling as the massage continues. The cushion is designed to offer massages in 3 different zones of the back; the upper back, lower back and entire back. The upper back focuses on muscles located on the mid back all the way to the neck area whereas lower back massage hits the mid-back downwards. The cushion has nodes that travel up and down your back to give you an intense massage if you choose to have a full back massage. It is a shiatsu cushion which means that you get to enjoy gentle and deep massages that will relax your muscles to improve your body’s circulation and increase your productivity.

Further, the cushion comes with an easy to use remote control that lets you take charge of your massage experience. You can use it to choose the kind of action you’d like to experience and what specific areas you’d love to have the massage. If you have back pains and are in need of a solution that will give you gradual relief, then you can try using a massage cushion. It’s designed for use on the back and sides and is therefore specific. It also costs much less than a full body massage chair which means you get to save a few coins. Its design requires that you use it alongside a chair.

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