Osaki OS-6000D


It is time to get yourself a special massage chair that will invigorate your body. The Osaki OS-6000D executive zero gravity massage chair is the best deal you can go for. This chair is designed and built using the best materials and the latest technology. You will get to enjoy many reclining angles on this chair. The zero gravity effect is designed to enable the lower part of your body to rise above the heart and this eases the amount of energy your heart has to employ to pump blood. At the same time, the zero gravity innovation helps make your body enjoy a floatation effect. In addition, the four-way rollers which are strategically placed along the whole track of the chair get to deliver deep tissue massages.

The Osaki OS-6000D massage chair offers you 6 different pre-set massage experiences among them circulation, demonstration, healthcare, relax, and smart. The manufacturer of this chair further includes renowned massage techniques such Swedish, Clapping, Rolling, Kneading, and Combination. Besides the rollers, the manufacturer has also incorporated airbags in this chair which serve to make your massage experience more exciting and effective. Special focus was put in the design of the lumbar, shoulder, and neck regions of the chair. The chair makes the massage experience of each person unique and enjoyable with the body scan technology. This means that when you sit on this chair, the chair maps your size, height, and weight and adjusts itself to be able to deliver the best customized massage.

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