Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair


The Titan TP-Pro Alpine offers you all the features and functions you are looking for in a massage chair. It combines the zero gravity position and L-track massage functions to provide you the best experience. The L-Track function gives support to your neck, back and lumbar area. It has rollers that begin massaging your neck down to your buttocks, allowing your spine to decompress so that you can feel relaxed. And when your spine is relaxed, there’s easy flow of nutrients into the body’s tissues. The zero gravity position on the other hand aligns your back in proportion to your thighs so that you can enjoy your massage in a comfortable position. In this case, the weight of your back is entirely supported by the backrest.

It has an auto recline and leg extension feature. Here, the chair reclines automatically, and the user can control the footrest, zero gravity position, and backrest recline using the remote control. It’s equipped with a computer body scan that helps rollers to accurately map the shape of your back so that they can massage all the right places. The chair adjusts itself to the body type of the user so that you can enjoy a customized experience. As you get your body massage, your feet will not be left out. It has reflexology massagers that apply the kneading massage technique to your feet. It also has multiple air bags that are meant to give compression massages to the arms, hands, calves and feet. Another important feature is the heating function on the back.

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