Choosing The Best Massage Chair

Over the past few decades, massage chairs have become quite a hit in several countries. Today, massage chairs are indispensable in many people’s lives all over the world. This is because they come with a plethora of health benefits. Unlike earlier decades when you had to visit a masseur if you wanted a massage, all you have to do today is buy a massage chair and enjoy a completely private massage in the privacy and comfort of your home. Because the popular massage chair brands which you ought to own cost quite a chunk of money, it is important that you know the several brands that are leading and what features they offer.

When it comes to buying a massage chair, you will need to establish your needs or tastes first. If for example, you are having back pains but your legs are just fine, you should invest in a massage chair which concentrates more on your back than legs. Your doctor might also advise that regular massages are important for you, in which case, you should buy a massage chair. Your lifestyle and the amount of money you can spend on such a chair will also determine to a large extent what popular massage chair brands you will consider buying.

Features of the popular brands of massage chairs

Practical features – Today, massage chairs are designed to help people live their lives a little bit more comfortably given that people are busier than ever. Such chairs often come with a remote control which will help you operate the chair while you are still comfortably seated. The chairs are made using leather and other hardened but comfortable materials. These materials are friendly to the skin, at the same time lasting for many years.

Massage modes – There are many massage options that you would have gone for if you were in a masseur’s parlour. However, unless such a masseur is properly trained and is extensively experienced in all the massage techniques, you are not guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Modern massage chairs are armed with massage modes such as Shiatsu, Rolling, Swedish, Kneading, Combo, Tapping and Percussion.

Incorporated technology – The technology found in the popular massage chair brands of today is simply breathtaking. Zero gravity function has become almost a basic minimum feature of all massage chairs. Moreover, these chairs offer heated massage and full body scan. Such technology helps the chair to deliver highly personalized massages to every person who slides in it.

The included vanities – The additional features which these chairs come with are definitely something to think about. These chairs come with easy to control and accessible LED control panels. They also have a sound system which can play cool soothing music.

Warranty and price – The warranty given by leading massage chair brands is for workmanship and materials. When you buy any one of these chairs, you can rest assured of enjoying your massages for a long time comfortably knowing that the manufacturer has your back, should anything go wrong.