Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a position that’s inspired by NASA’s Neutral Body Posture. In this position, gravity has no impact on the human body and this helps to evenly distribute pressure across the body. The body is put in a reclined position where the feet are elevated above the heart. Zero gravity massage chairs are designed with the same concept, to be able to recline at various angles during a massage. When in this position, your weight is supported by the chair and this creates the feeling of weightlessness. The chair is effective in relieving your spine of pressure as it distributes energy throughout the body.

When in a reclined position, your legs are raised much higher than the rest of body. This improves circulation and the flow of blood across the body. It also reduces swelling of the legs. Zero gravity massage chairs recline to the zero gravity position to prepare you for a more intense massage. The position causes your body, especially your lower back, to relax and therefore reduces muscle tension which in turn increases mobility. It also causes the lungs to expand which results in increased lung capacity. An increase in lung capacity boosts circulation and increases blood oxygen levels. This reduces pressure on the heart as it won’t have to work more to pump blood across the body. These chairs are built with components that will give you a thorough massage, applying pressure to all points that are prone to stiffness, muscle knots, soreness and strain.

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