Shiastu massage is a form of physical therapy that originated in Japan and means finger pressure in Japanese. The whole principle behind it is to improve the natural healing ability of the body and also the ability to balance itself. It combines various massage techniques such as stretching, rotating and kneading to restore to the body its natural balance. It’s a kind of therapy that not only works on your physical well-being but your mental state as well and is, therefore, considered to be safe. It focuses on the energy to make sure that it flows freely. When free-flowing, it is said to be carrying positive energy which is helpful for the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of a person. It entails use of fingers, thumbs and palms to give gentle manipulations as well as stretch the body which results in better energy flow.

Shiatsu massage chair is the type of chair built to give the user a massage that focuses on the shiatsu principles. Because shiatsu is a gentle massage, the chair is designed with nodes that will travel up and down your body giving you gentle strokes that will relieve you of tension and stress. They are designed to give full body massages but one can also opt for partial or spot massages. Some chairs even combine shiatsu with other massage actions to offer you a comprehensive massage. Shiatsu massage chairs are effective relievers of anxiety, tiredness, depression, stress and tension, and therefore can be very useful in your day to day life.

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