Titan TP-Pro 8300


The Titan TP-Pro 8300 massage chair is built with advanced massage technology and therefore has some of the most sought after features in massage chairs. This means that you get to enjoy an outer shoulder massage in addition to full body massage. It uses the S-track system to give the user quality massage. It’s a curving track system that focuses on areas such as the neck, shoulders and lumbar consistently. It’s able to read the curvature of your back so that rollers thoroughly massage all the major areas. It measures your body frame to give you a personalized massage experience.

The chair lets you lie in a zero gravity position, where your back is aligned in proportion to your thighs so that you can enjoy a great degree of comfort. With better technology, the number of air bags has greatly reduced which has seen the reduction in the number of valves. This puts less stress on the chair so that you can use it for longer. What innovative engineering has done is increase the volume and surface area of the air massage. Another amazing feature of the TP-PRO 8300 is the LED chromotherapy lighting which creates a good atmosphere when activated. The chair gives a shoulder, lumbar and hip squeeze whereby airbags in the upper to mid part of the chair inflate in different times so that the body can twist and stretch. Areas of the body that will benefit greatly from deep stretching are the lower back, shoulder, hips and thighs.

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