Osaki OS-1000 Cream Massage Chair


If you are searching for a massage chair which is effective but at the same time reasonably priced, you will agree that finding one can be tough. Many of the massage chairs out there which are marketed as high-performance equipment are extravagantly priced. You are in luck today because the Osaki OS-1000 massage chair, which is cream in colour, is favourably priced and it offers high-end features just like the expensive massage chairs in the market. This chair which affords you full body massage also includes a zero gravity feature. The manufacturer of this chair has borrowed the NASA spacecraft technology which enables you sit in a way that no pressure is exerted on the lower part of your back. The chair has several 3D rollers located along its track. When you recline the chair, the rollers are able to give you all the massage experiences you can dream of.

The manufacturer of this chair has included four different types of massages which are Kneading, Kneading and Tapping, Tapping, and Rolling. Also included in this chair are five different pre-set massage programs which include full body relax, therapy, and health care. There are many airbags which are designed to work hand in hand with 3D rollers. The combination of the rollers and the airbags enables you to get 6 levels of massage intensities ranging from deep tissue to weak massage. The materials used to make the chair are hardy. The manufacturer has further backed the longevity and the functionality of the chair with a warranty on parts and labour.

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